Find the path that's right for you

Your journey is unique. Wherever you're at,
I'll work to serve your unique needs.
Individual Therapy

Providing mental health treatment

You have what you need inside of you and my job is to help you find it. It takes courage to look inward, open up about it and change course. We will make sure to get on the same page about how we will do this work. There's no predetermined set of steps laid out before you arrive. It's both of us working on your individual goals in a professional, clinical setting.
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marriage and family therapy

Moving together
along your path

Often, stress in relationships is a call to grow within yourself and your relational patterns. My practice provides a safe space for anyone wanting a healthier relationship. I help couples and families through relationship issues and all the complexity that surrounds them.  
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Online Therapy

Therapy with the
help of technology

Telehealth therapy has become more popular and I’m glad to offer it to anyone who feels it’s the best fit. Our schedules can be so busy. I offer video and phone call meetings.
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What you can expect from me


I'll respect your autonomy and work with you to liberate a greater sense of agency in your life.

Compassionate Care

I find it very easy to be caring and compassionate towards people who are suffering.

Clinical Intervention

I'm here to offer researched intervention to troublesome psychological issues.
Large group

Public Speaking

Working to teach and inspire people to live their best lives with what I've learned and continue to learn.

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