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I’ve been a full time private practice therapist since 2018 and have obtained a full clinical level of licensure. I treat individuals, couples and families with evidence-based therapy methods. As I practice these methods, I hold space for my clients to be whole people.
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Engaging in authentic relationship to bring forth meaningful change.
When partnerships, families, or friendships are stressed they can be a constant burden. Those same relationships can be loving, supportive, and meaningful. Helping you grow into a life filled with caring connection is my passion.
  • Are you here because you are ready to walk a new path?
  • Do you have something you need a safe place to talk about?
  • Are you feeling lost or like something is missing?
  • Do you and your loved one fight about the same things over and over and struggle to find resolutions?  
Often the growth we desire is blocked because we’ve been sold the lie that we should be able to do it all on our own. That lie can make it hard to accept that we need help in order to flourish. We’ve taken leaps as a culture in recognizing the importance of mental health, yet most of us feel some shame about seeking it.
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“A healthy, integrated, whole, flexible sense of self must be developed in relationships. All the self-help and self-healing and self-care in the world cannot change this.”
-Dr. Jonathan Shedler

I didn’t want to be as wounded as I was. I tried to tell myself that problematic patterns were one time or surface level mistakes. I struggled to accept that I needed professional help. In the meantime, I was gripped by my anxiety and unhealthy coping mechanisms. I struggled to sleep, be present, form healthy relationships and make choices. And in the moments when my pain was too great for my denial, I shamed myself. 

In early 2013 I had a revelation. I realized that some people were living passionate lives. Deep within I knew I was longing to live that way. Not knowing where it would lead, I decided to set out on a new journey.

"You will only take people as far as you've been willing to go yourself."

My journey inward, through therapy, graduate school and continued education has taught me the importance of being integrated. I've learned I need to accept myself as a whole person - full of flaws, hopes, fears, and gifts. Through therapy I found a new freedom to take courageous steps towards the life I longed for.

Our stories are deep, multi-layered and complicated. When we share them in therapy, with a specialist who knows how to listen to patterns taking place under the surface, we begin to be able to work towards real and lasting change.
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Defining our work

Therapy is a process of intentionally creating space for the growth we desire. As we work together, we become empowered to live whole and meaningful lives. Free to love, experience joy and face our fears.

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