October 17, 2022

Walk and Talk Therapy for Individuals

Put your therapy in motion.  

Do you find the outdoors refreshing, relaxing and safe?

"There is something about the environment that helps our nervous systems unwind." People who walk or run in natural environments report less anger and sadness directly after exercise than those who walk or run in "built" environments, finds a 2010 meta-analysis in BMC Public Health by Diana E. Bowler, PhD, of Bangor University in North Wales, and colleagues. In another series of studies reported in the June 2010 Journal of Environmental Psychology, participants said that being in nature made them feel more alive, beyond the effects of physical activity and social interaction in the outdoors, according to University of Rochester psychologist Richard Ryan, PhD, and colleagues. And studies beginning in the 1990s by psychologists Terry A. Hartig, PhD, Roger S. Ulrich, PhD, and others show that nature helps to quell anxiety and even heal the body. -American Psychological Association
"It's very similar to traditional psychotherapy, except you are walking while you are talking about issues. I have found that bringing a little bit of movement enriches the counseling session. My clients are intrigued by the idea and are naturally drawn to being outside." Clay Cockrell on WebMD

Dogs welcome!

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